Friday, 27 April 2012

Switching over

I am most grateful to my friend Jon who came round to scan my television following the disappearance of all my channels recently. 

My numerous attempts came to nought and the cat was getting fed up of dodging the remote control being hurled around the room in frustration.

One would have thought that the Department for Culture, Media and Sport were too busy subverting the basic principles of democratic accountability to interfere with my devices but apparently not.

Still, all is now well. My television is scanned and I can once again exercse my right to choose not to watch it.

1 comment:

  1. I lost all my freeview channels. daily I re-tune, and all i get is blocky pixellated shit without sound. Utterly pathetic, but this is sodding Britain after all.

    I have cancelled My TV licence payments; they are quite welcome to come and inspect my TV - I am quite confident that it will not fulfil the criteria of 'able to receive a signal.

    Fuck the TV licence. Can't watch, 'Cant pay, won't pay.

    Reading books and surfing the internet is, in any case, much more edifying than all the mindless, soul polluting, thought-killing drivelly gobshite which passes for TV. Simon Cowell, swivel on it pal! and long may you stick your head where the sun sheds not its light!