Sunday, 29 April 2012

Duck A L'Orange

There are few moral justifications for parting with one's hard borrowed cash in a Tesco Express but tonight I found one.

Visiting the sick in a wealthier part of London than I am accustomed to, I was asked to obtain a copy of 'The Sun on Sunday', some 'Galaxy' chocolate and some Ribena. (My friend is very ill).

In St John's Wood there is a dearth of corner shops of the kind I patronise in Bethnal Green, and not wishing to add to the anxiety of the patient, I crossed the evil threshold and purchased items I would never normally buy, from an emporium I would normally avoid.

En passant, I spotted the item above. Reduced from £6.95 to £3.95 on the grounds of date, it was further reduced to £1.95 because.... The corner of the packaging was dented. Shock horror.

I dined well tonight, but that's St John's Wood for you.

Oh and, if you are so inclined, please pray for Nick. He and I would appreciate that. He is, as I say, very sick.

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