Friday, 17 August 2012

Pussy Riot

I am glad I wasn’t born in Russia. Living there is not easy. The weather and the food would try my patience. The Czar would not have been my friend. I would have been murdered by Stalin. I would not have thrived under the later Soviets, and I doubt very much that I would prosper under Vladimir Putin.

Had I been born in Russia, in any of those periods, I do wonder if I would have thought it kind or proper, to stand before the High Altar of the Cathedral and register my protest addressing the “Mother of God” using the words ‘fuck’ and ‘cunt’ whilst people poorer, simpler, and less able than I were present, saying their prayers and trying to get through their day too.

It is an outrage that, having apologised for their misjudgement, the members of “Pussy Riot” should not be forgiven by the Patriarch (Colossians 3.13).

My hope tonight, is that the three women jailed today knew what they doing and are prepared for the consequences.

Because the consequences will be horrible.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Religious Nut Job

My traveling companion took to introducing me to his Georgian friends as a "religious nut job".

I can see his point.

On our way to Georgia, we paused in Istanbul.

It was a Friday evening during Ramadan, and I found myself profoundly moved to be praying at The Blue Mosque.

Later on our trip,  I found myself praying here. At the church of The Holy Trinity, Gergeti. (42.49.0504N 44.51.68284E)

In order to do so we had to get a little over a quarter of the height of Everest and to the highest place on earth I have ever been.

The physical exertion was rewarded by finding myself at the most spectacularly located place of worship I have ever visited.

I commend religious nut jobness to you all.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I know my limits

My Georgian is limited to the word for "Thank you".

I felt it prudent not to enter this establishment in Batumi.

Any attempt to enquire what precisely was on offer, might have led to an unfortunate misunderstanding.

London 2012

Commenting on the Opening Ceremony the Daily Mail's website said,

"This was supposed to be a representation of modern life in England but it is likely to be a challenge for the organisers to find an educated white middle-aged mother and black father living together with a happy family in such a set-up."

Pictured are Jessica Ennis, her parents and fiancee.

They look happy enough to me.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Georgian cuisine

After ten days I thought I'd be happy to eat anything that wasn't a plate of tomato and cucumber, fried potato and mushroom or unidentifiable pig parts.

However I had second thoughts when this menu was put in front of me

Georgian hospitality is second to none but it seems this chap got a warmer welcome than expected.