Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Butch Manual

Amongst the books that came into stock today was 'The Butch Manual' by Clark Henley published in 1982.

I learn that :

"The key to dressing Butch is to enhance what Butch spent a great deal of effort developing in the gym. In no way should Butch's greater attributes ever be obscured by clothing."


"It is rude to go into a bar feeling depressed. After all, other people have taken their time and their drugs to feel UP. To feel UP, enter the bar slowly. You are Gary Cooper. Your eyes scan the bar looking for someone to shoot.

The bar freezes, drinks poised in mid-air, pinkies reaching for ceiling. Slowly walk through the bar, disappearing into the bathroom, and relieve yourself. "

This evening I went to the Duchess Theatre to see a play about the translation of the King James Bible.

It has been day of historical documents.

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