Friday, 28 December 2012

The tale of the African bishop's legover

Last week, on a walk with my Mum, I found this photogenic object.

Called MV Chica, she has a good war record. She (the boat, not my Mum), ran guns through the Mediterranean, smuggled cigarettes and alcohol through the Straights of Gibraltar and according to local folklore, was one of the "little ships" that saved lives at Dunkirk.

Switching sides later in 1940, she is believed to have been a German supply ship sailing inshore waters around Trondheim.

Apparently, an African bishop once "swung his leg over a Chica hammock".  My research has failed to come up with any primary sources to confirm this but I shall believe it none the less.

She now lies rotting at Dutton Lock, near Weaverham, Cheshire.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Women taken in adultery

It was all rather simple for Jesus. He only had one woman taken in adultery to deal with.

Pity the poor civil servants trying to draft the gay marriage legislation. Seems a legal definition of lesbian adultery (to say nothing of consummation) is proving difficult to arrive at.

Apparently, they are going to leave it to the courts to define.

Taxi to the public gallery of the Family Division of the High Court please.

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Speaking as a 'Mucky Monk'

Mostly, this blog is better when I talk about things of personal, rather than national interest. My apologies for boring you with yet another opinion on a matter of national interest.

Having appeared in a tabloid as a 'Mucky Monk', I enjoy a crossover on this one.

I have read Lord Levenson's report (in Executive Summary). I agree with all his findings (apart from those relating to Data Protection, which I do not fully understand.)

I urge you to sign the 'Hacked Off' petition. It is right and good.

Love, but do not trust your friends who are journalists, on this matter.

Their opinion, like mine, is not to be taken at face value.