Saturday, 3 November 2012

How to screw EDF

The first fire of the season. My house is warm again.

The wood you see burning has a tale to tell.

Eighteen months ago, it was tree, growing in the playground of our local parish primary school.

The Headteacher, believing correctly it to be a hazard, caused it to be cut down. The local authority, which employs her, disagreed, and fined her for tree abuse.

Her school duly paid the fine into the coffers from which her budget comes.

Walking past I spotted the, by now horizontal tree, and at the suggestion of the Churchwarden, agreed with said Headteacher that I should pay a sum that matched the fine, to a parent at the school  to chop it up and bring it to my house.

My house is now warm. I am warm. The tree has fulfilled its destiny. And not having used the central heating, EDF have gained nothing.


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