Friday, 2 November 2012

An interesting day

Yesterday was many things. And on the whole I'm glad it's drawn to a close.

One friend died. Another texted from his hospital bed to tell me he was "in agony".

The builder tells me that the leak in the roof is "nothing trivial" and that it involves a 'coping stone'. Oh dear.

I spoke with a silly man with whom I have conducted a twenty year feud and found myself to be generous in a way I now regret. I should have told him he was a twat. (He is.)

And to make matters worse... It's World Vegan Day.

 On the other hand, it was All Saint's Day.

I heard Mass, sung to a glorious Mozart setting.

Alone, and with others, I rejoiced in the lives of the saintly who "have gone before us".

Tomorrow (today?) is All Soul's Day when we remember the naughty,  misbehaved and just like us.

I fully expect it to be a better day.

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