Thursday, 8 November 2012

An anti-gay Archbishop?

For pity's sake.

He's not anti-gay anymore than I am.

He apparently shares my reservations about the secular world claiming the sacraments of the church as its own, but that's not "anti-gay". Any more than difficulty with divorce is "anti-straight".

Unlike the previous three Archbishops of Canterbury, this one hasn't had the privilege of meeting me and until he does, I shall hold my fire.

Until then....

I know nothing about him other than what I'm told by Giles Fraser and Ruth Gledhill (and I trust both of them as much as I trust an untrustworthy thing). Not much to go on.

There's no reason on earth that the rational and secular amongst you should share this feeling, but :

I am pleased that the Anglican Communion, of which I am a part, has alighted upon a new head.

I will shout at him louder than most of you when he gets it wrong.

But for now, I feel great affection and gratitude towards a man I've never met, who has apparently agreed to take on a role I wouldn't wish on my own worst enemy.

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