Friday, 10 August 2012

Religious Nut Job

My traveling companion took to introducing me to his Georgian friends as a "religious nut job".

I can see his point.

On our way to Georgia, we paused in Istanbul.

It was a Friday evening during Ramadan, and I found myself profoundly moved to be praying at The Blue Mosque.

Later on our trip,  I found myself praying here. At the church of The Holy Trinity, Gergeti. (42.49.0504N 44.51.68284E)

In order to do so we had to get a little over a quarter of the height of Everest and to the highest place on earth I have ever been.

The physical exertion was rewarded by finding myself at the most spectacularly located place of worship I have ever visited.

I commend religious nut jobness to you all.

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