Thursday, 10 May 2012

Loch Awe

Three summers ago we spent a glorious fortnight on the banks of Loch Awe.

We ate a local goose - domestic not wild. We watched the nesting ospreys. We drank a little wine and talked with our friends.

We read some books and sat in awe of Loch Awe.

Whilst there, I got bitten by one of nature's less endearing creatures on my right wrist. The  result of that bite is to finally be excised tomorrow by a very handsome Spanish surgeon. I am told I should avoid my keyboard for a while.

Flowers and chocolates delivered to the Watch House will not be sent away and blogging will be resumed once I am told I can sling off my sling.


  1. It's nature's way of letting you meet handsome Spanish surgeons.

  2. Hope you recover from your surgery soon Sebastian. Sounds like a warm,beautiful memory you have on the Loch which will hopefully sustain you and make you happy when you dwell upon it each time!