Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Do we need Priests?

To be honest - I've no idea.

My own theological education was cut short by the need to have sex and to stop Cruise Missiles (in that order).

I do know we need people with the courage and commitment to wear one of these in their local pub.

Without one, I wouldn't have heard tonight's story. You can call it confession, you can call it banter, you can even call it drunken rambling if you wish.

It involved a convoluted confusion between the Suffering Christ and the Suffocating Brother. It was told by a person who had been carrying pain for forty years. Some of that pain was relieved tonight.

I did make notes but... Drink had been taken and my recollection is impaired.

Despise the Church until the cows come home if you will.

But it's real. It works. And at least, in part, it is good.

I'm not even going to start on the story of the people who 'Banged up Jesus'.

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