Friday, 4 November 2011

Sin Compounded

Yesterday my mobile telephone was stolen. A gentleman in the bookshop was browsing books. Mostly the ones on the RAF I had sorted out to put in the window, with a poppy wreath. In Bethnal Green, which suffered more than most during the Blitz, it's important that those of us not of an age to remember, do not forget. The moment I turned my back to put the kettle on to make a cup of tea for a friend who had just arrived, ding went the bell on the door, and off he went. Carrying with him my mobile telephone, at least two books recording the deeds of people who gave their lives in the Second World War, and probably much else besides.

And so, I emailed my friends.

The email said :

Some twat nicked my mobile from the shop today.

Oops, what I meant say, was;

A deprived member of the underclass whose need for a mobile was greater than mine relieved me of... blah , blah, blah.

Of course I hadn't backed up my contacts.

If you ever want me to call you again please reply to this email with any or all of the phone numbers I might reach you on.

One of my "friends'' is PC Angela Cox of the local Safer Neighbourhoods team from whom I got the following reply

MPS automated content monitoring gateway has stopped the following e-mail for the following reason:

It believes it may contain unacceptable language, or inappropriate material.

Please clean-up or re-phrase the message and send it again.

If the Metropolitan Police are so sensitive that they reject the word "Twat", how can I possibly report to them that someone in the street has called me a Queer Cunt?

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