Friday, 4 November 2011

I've had Bieber's baby

Well I haven't actually, but hey, it got your attention and gives me an excuse for putting his picture on my blog..... Twenty seconds to make a baby? Somebody, somewhere aint doing it right. But that's probably for another blogger. I think I'm just not going to go there.

Let's talk about art instead. Specifically, let's talk about 'Performance Art'. And even more specifically let's talk about the performance art that occured in the bookshop this evening.

An actor, who isn't acting anymore, (as he was described to me) came to bookshop this evening to present his show, "I Have Never Even Killed A Bird". I haven't laughed as much for a long time. Not a raucous belly laugh, more a constant chuckle. But definately amusement and entertainment. The premise, if there was one, was a single incident of youthful recklessness that led to a night in jail. I don't do spoilers so if you want to know what he did, what it led to, and how his Mother coped, then you must kick yourself for not being there tonight and either seek out the show elsewhere or petition the bookshop to put it on again.

The point of this post is to say that however dull and ordinary what we do day to day may appear, with the sort of talent and dedication that Greg Wohead demonstrated tonight, lives less lived can be transformed. The act of sharing them, reinterpreting them, and re-telling them can become Art. They can become special. It is after all, what we do day to day that makes up the world. Our histories are what we are. Putting them out there makes them real.

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