Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Changing the World

After far too long, I finally got to St Paul's Cathedral this evening to play my own small part in the downfall of global capitalism.

It has been a matter of some regret that it has taken me so long - but heh - I have got a business to run, and somebody had to post out the copy of "Hilda's Where is it of Recipes" by Hildagonda J Duckitt.

Written in 1896 as a household management guide for ex-patriot young brides in South Africa, it contains jolly useful advice on how to remove sperm stains from silk - which is frankly, invaluable. The rather risky investment I made, purchasing it Brick Lane last spring for a pound, was today amply rewarded when it sold on Abe Books for £50.00. I only tell you this to put in context the fact that no sooner do I appear to have embraced capitalism, (and to rather better effect in this instance than any banker I know), here I am seeking its downfall.

And seeking it I am. And in the company of some truly lovely people. Do they mean it? Are they sincere? Look at this.....

I don't know about you, but I couldn't live like that if I didn't mean it. To be honest I'm not sure I could live that like even if I did, but then again I'm white, male, middle class and mostly unfamiliar with being uncomfortable, especially at night. I used to find Scout Camp a bit of an ordeal.....

But these guys are for real.

They are caring for the space. They are sweeping the steps of the Cathedral more often than the former Dean ever did.

They show more respect for where the Cathedral is coming from than the Cathedral has (so far) shown them.

We'll ignore the bottled water question for now - guys, it's wrong, wicked and evil by the way - but they are having a ball. And why shouldn't they. They are changing the world. They are changing the world, not through bringing about the downfall of global capitalism, which they may or more likely, may not - but they are changing the world by changing themselves. None of the people sleeping outside St Paul's tonight will ever see the world in the way they saw it before.

I changed a little bit tonight just by being in their company for about an hour. I'm old enough to remember the women of Greenham Common. They changed the world. And tonight, on the Feast of All Saints, when there were more Saints camped outside the Cathedral doors than there were inside, I am confident that something is changing. Oh - and if you really want to know why I love them - they had a library. More about that tomorrow.... (I've promised I wont write this blog when drunk - and I'm dangerously close.

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  1. Thank you for writing this. I went to Occupy Philadelphia with a member of my religious order this Sunday and had a very similar experience. We share some of it here:

    We witness kindness, community, and commitment. It was the Gospel lived out. I'm very much looking forward to your future postings.