Monday, 19 June 2017

PrEP Sex

I had my first PrEP sex just before I left Brighton about eighteen months ago.

For the first time in thirty years of sexual encounters no decision or choice about who did (or didn't) put what where was informed by either of our HIV status and whether one of us might be about to harm the other.

It was a glorious and liberating experience. As sex can sometimes be.

The length of time, and money it is taking to get it made available to people who need it is one of the lesser well known scandals of the current crop of scandals.

However, beyond playing a part in getting Green Party policy amended (!) I have done little campaigning on the subject outside my bedroom (and occasionally on Hampstead Heath).

So it was a delight to spend this evening with the sassy, sexy people who are. We were at an Elton John Foundation funded roadshow in east London. I felt I'd gone back to the early days of GMFA. Sitting in a pub, having a cuddle, laughing and joking, informing and challenging, building community and changing the world.

As we left, we were asked to tell two of our friends about PrEP. I've just done that, and if you've read this far then you have to too.

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