Monday, 1 October 2012

Wigtown Book Festival

Coming down from a week on the Galloway moors I was lucky enough  to spend an afternoon at the Wigtown Book Festival.

I attended a discussion on the legacy of Rachel Carson's book 'Silent Spring' published fifty years ago and held by many to have heralded what we now call the 'Green Movement'.

The Wigtown Festival is very special. It is small, intimate and hospitable to both participants and audience in equal measure, in ways larger festivals simply cannot be.

It runs until the end of the week. Too late for this year? Then do give serious consideration to next.  It's a doddle to get to if you live in south-west Scotland. If you are unfortunate enough to live elsewhere, then it and its surroundings, will more than reward whatever effort you need make to get there.

I'll see you in the bar of the Bladnoch Inn.

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