Friday, 23 March 2012

Just a couple of African friends

Freddie Mills was a boxer. In 1950 Nicholson & Watson Ltd saw fit to publish his autobiography. This afternoon a copy found its way into the bookshop. Reproduced here are three of the photographs from that volume. First up - some 'African friends'.

 Second up, some 'African beauties' with the Chief who hosted one of his fights.

Lastly, a not at all homoerotic photograph taken prior to one of his fights.


  1. The long time association between homosexuality and boxing seems to be receding into the past. Time someone wrote a history?

    Mill's Wikipedia entry says "Following his death, several lurid theories sprang up: such as that Mills, married with children, had been arrested in a public toilet and charged with homosexual indecency". Lurid? Hardly. Unheard of by married men with kids? Certainly not. Common among boxers? Who knows.