Monday, 19 December 2011

Occupy Grows Up

Of all the amazing things that Occupy London have done, what they did today trumps the lot. They have chosen to move from the steps of the Cathedral. Rather than risk a violent confrontation with the forces of Satan, embodied in the Corporation of London, and their agents in the High Court and Metropolitan Police, Occupy LSX have voted to move of their own volition. And in doing so they have shown themselves to be bigger and better than those who would seek to have them removed.

Be in no doubt. This brave and courageous decision will be portrayed in The Daily Mail, the Murdoch Press and other organs of the owning classes, as an admission of defeat. It is No Such Thing. It is an adult, mature and grown up recognition that this fight, and as a pacifist I applaud it as a fight, is going to be fought on their terms, no one else's. In recognising the strength of the forces lined up against them, the mad, bad, and disposessed currently encamped at the cathedral have shown wisdom and discernment. More so than any other player with a part in this pantomime. And for that we should applaud and admire them.

Rest assured. There are other places that need to be occupied. St Paul's have said a 'remnant shall remain'. Will you do the same? Have you a churchyard? A garden? A driveway? If so, then invite them in. Make space for a tent. Make space for the argument. These people are committed. Are you?

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