Tuesday, 29 January 2013

My no longer poorly friend

Readers of this blog will know that for the last year or so, I have been holding the hand of a friend and lover, whilst waiting for him to be ready to die.

At 5.33am on Saturday morning he was found to be dead, by a nurse who two hours earlier had checked on him, found him to be drinking Lucozade (a 'healthy' drink) and making jokes.

I am enormously proud of him.

In the last year of his life he:

(i) clung to life with a tenacity that defied medical opinion

(ii) reconciled himself to those that mattered to him

(iii) allowed those to whom he mattered to engage

That's quite a lot to do in your final year when you are not yet fifty.

As I cuddled his mortal remains at lunchtime on Saturday, I really did know what love is.

Thank you Nick. It's been a privilege.

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