Monday, 9 July 2012

Mulieres episcopi

In 1992 I caused enormous personal upset in my parish when, encouraged by a priest called Rowan Williams, I voted against the Measure that led to women being ordained as priests in the Church of England.

I did so on the grounds that the Measure, in denying women admission to the Episcopate, embodied discrimination and had no place in the Church.

However the Measure was passed and the Church, and particularly women called by God to serve it as Bishops, have endured a further two decades of VD.  (Vocation denial.)

Had the 1992 Measure been rejected we would have had women serving as Bishops for a decade by now. Today's vote shows that General Synod have learned from the 1992 mistake and appear unwilling to repeat it.

Deo Gracias.

I was asked recently by a friend whether the word 'compromise' had any part in my vocabulary. The answer in 2012 is the same as it was in 1992.

In that at least, I have the luxury of being able to remain consistent.

Deo double Gracias.

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  1. The problem with being a contrarian is that the Church of England always gets there before you.