Sunday, 3 June 2012

Dead Man's Hole

My resolve not to watch weakened and I turned it on.

The lamentable coverage by the BBC and the realisation that watching something on television as it happens ten minutes down the road is ludicrous,  combined to get me up off my backside just as Sir Steve Redgrave passed under Lambeth Bridge.

A little local knowledge, a lot of luck and a hole in security that ought to result in the Home Secretary's resignation, and I found myself here eight minutes before the first boat.

Out of the rain, directly under Tower Bridge and with an uninterrupted view of the river I was able to enjoy the spectacle, feel virtuous for having been for a Sunday afternoon walk and have a tale to tell.

I don't think the Queen spotted me, but as I emerged I got a very cute, if quizzical, smile from a nice young man in the uniform of a Constable.

By no means a wasted afternoon.


  1. Well done! But you could have encouraged Her Maj to sit on her throne. (On the Boat).